The American Society of Cinematographers’ in-person Master Class program is designed for cinematographers with an intermediate-to-advanced skill set. 

The program provides live demonstrations of lighting and camera techniques, instruction in current workflow practices and analysis of feature films.

This five-day seminar is taught in Los Angeles by some of the finest directors of photography in the world.

Larwrence Sher, ASC leads a discussion on the use of his Shotdeck visualization tool during a Master Class session that focused on shooting commercials.

Enrolling in the ASC Master Class will enable you to hone your craft while making valuable professional connections that can jump-start your career. Prominent Society members and associates serve as instructors, offering invaluable insights not only on the creative and technical aspects of the cinematographer’s profession, but on business-related topics as well.

Subjects and Activities include:

Five-day class including multiple interactive lighting demonstrations
Engagement with ASC Members, ASC Associate Members and Sponsors
Presentation of shooting with an LED wall
Color grading workshop at a post facility
ASC Cinematographers-turned-Directors Panel
Agent and Politics of Cinematography Panel Discussions
Analysis of cinematography from notable films of the past
Presentations about cameras, lenses, sensors and future technologies

Specialized Instruction

Some of the curriculum in each class varies, depending on the instructors’ area of expertise. Specialized instruction might cover such subjects as commercial product lighting, the use of drones, or greenscreen cinematography, for example.

Instruction takes place at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood and at nearby production and postproduction facilities. All necessary equipment is provided.

Enrollment in each ASC Master Class is limited to 30. Applicants must submit a current résumé in order to be considered. Covid vaccination required 

Here’s a full report on a recent class.

Instructor Sam Nicholson, ASC (center, on dolly) with his students during the May 2017 session.

Here’s a full report on a session that focused on shooting motion-picture film.

Instructors Edward Lachman, ASC and Linus Landgren, ASC, FSF (together, at center) with their students during the November 2018 "on film" session.
Five female students attended the June 2018 Master Class session. They were (from left) Suelen Romani, Sara Garth, Veronica Bouza, Melissa Kirchhoff and Sophie Cuadra. Their ASC instructors included (from far left) members Bill Bennett, Stephen H. Burum, Ueli Steiger, Don McCuaig, Rodney Charters and Curtis Clark. You can read more about this session here.
Instructors in our online Master Class have included (from left) ASC members Larry Fong, M. David Mullen and Lawrence Sher.
David Stockton, ASC (center) talks with students during a session held at the ASC Clubhouse in May of 2022.
Robert Yeoman, ASC takes questions during the May 2022 session.

Here are details about our May 2022 Master Class session held in Hollywood, which focused on lighting and virtual production.

The next in-person ASC Master Class will take place on:

June 24-26 in New York

The American Society of Cinematographers will hold a two-day, in-person Master Class in New York City, with an introductory session on Friday evening, June 24, followed by two full days of instruction by ASC members on Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26. At the end of the last class on Sunday evening, there will be a closing dinner for all students and ASC instructors who attended.

A unique opportunity to learn from the industry's top professionals.

The ASC Master Class is an intensive two-day seminar designed for cinematographers who want to master an intermediate-to-advanced skill set. There will be two separate live lighting demos on Saturday, a postproduction session on Sunday morning to color correct the previous day’s footage, and a panel discussion Sunday afternoon with ASC members on political minefields and career development. Instruction will take place at AbelCine in Brooklyn, Arri’s new stage in Queens and at Harbor’s postproduction facility in Manhattan. All necessary equipment will be provided.


Declan Quinn, ASC
(Monsoon Wedding, Leaving Las Vegas, Breakfast on Pluto, Hamilton)
Fred Murphy, ASC
(The Good Wife, Metro, Stir of Echoes, Secret Window)

Declan Quinn, ASC
Fred Murphy, ASC (center) with students during a previous ASC Master Class he4ld in New York at AbelCine.

The program will include:
• Two lighting demonstrations by two ASC members with Q&A throughout
• A color-correction session
• A panel discussion with ASC members on how to build a career as a cinematographer
• Interaction with ASC ambassadors, in addition to the ASC instructors
• An opening reception on Friday evening, and a closing dinner on Sunday

The price of participation in this two-day event is $1,800 USD, paid by Monday, June 20th.

The class size will be limited to 30 participants. All participants must provide proof of vaccination to attend, and masking requirements will apply.

A final day-to-day schedule will be emailed to participants on Wednesday, June 22nd.

* While confirmed, all instructors will participate based on availability.

Registration and newsletter signup is available here.

Upcoming 2022 Sessions:
September 12-16 (Hollywood)
October 17-21 (Hollywood)
November 7-11 (Hollywood)

ASC Faculty Roster

  • caleb-deschanel
    Caleb Deschanel, ASC
  • GuillermoNavarro1
    Guillermo Navarro, ASC
  • VincentMC
    Amy Vincent, ASC
  • DANTE-SPINOTTI-e1423700595668
    Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC
  • 068O3424-e1423700666536
    Bill Bennett, ASC
  • 068O3532-e1423700679858
    Richard Crudo, ASC
  • RobertoSchaefer1
    Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC
  • 068O2868-e1423700642115
    Dean Cundey, ASC
  • Bill-Taylor-ASC
    Bill Taylor, ASC
  • Morgenthau-Grid
    Kramer Morgenthau, ASC
  • greenscreen
    Sam Nicholson, ASC
  • MullenMC
    M. David Mullen, ASC