Latest ASC Master Class Wraps in Hollywood, Next Planned for Oct. 17-21

Session included instruction on lighting, virtual production, collaboration and other essential issues.

Instructor Jon Joffin, ASC (seated) with students, joined by Master Class committee co-chair and instructor Charlie Lieberman, ASC (front row, far right).

Photos by Andrew Rogers

An ASC Master Class session was held on Sept. 12-16, with students participating in demonstrations and discussions taking place at the historic ASC Clubhouse, Arri’s facility in Burbank, the Zeiss offices in Sherman Oaks, Panavision’s headquarters in Woodland Hills, and Picture Shop in Hollywood.

Instructor Robert McLachlan, ASC, CSC

Lighting instructors included ASC members Robert McLachlan, Armando Salas and Jon Joffin. Michael Pessah, ASC held a seminar on cinema history; Cine Lens Manual authors Christopher Probst, ASC and associate member Jay Holben conducted a discussion on optics; Craig Kief, ASC detailed his approach to lighting and shooting in an LED volume; Patrick Cady, ASC participated in a discussion with director Tara Nicole Weyr, using their collaboration on the TV series Bosch as a case study.

In the Clubhouse, Michael Pessah, ASC (center) uses vintage cameras from the ASC Museum collection as teaching tools.

During a panel discussion session on the intricacies of working as a professional cinematographer — moderated by Charlie Lieberman, ASC —  the class was also joined by Society members Nancy Schreiber, John Simmons, Mark Irwin and Steven Shaw. All shared their experiences and insight.

Craig Kief, ASC performing a demo on stage at Arri.
Craig Kief, ASC performing a demo on stage at Arri.
John Simmons, ASC (center) joins the class at the Clubhouse.

The next ASC Master Class session will take place on Oct. 17-21, with instructors including Autumn Durald Arkapaw, ASC (Loki, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever).

The final ASC Master Class session for 2022 will take place on Nov. 7-11, with a special focus on shooting film. 

Details can be found here


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